Industrial Seven 40″ Wide

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Colour Disclaimer: Colours shown may vary from actual pre-painted roofing sheets.

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Roofing Sheets: There are 3 guages (thicknesses) of roofing sheets :28guage (0.4mm), 26guage (0.5mm) and 24guage (0.6mm)Profiles (patterns) are Bell Rib, Island Wave, Normal Corrugation, Industrial 7 and Standing SeamSheets are either plain (unpainted) or coloured. Aluzinc unpainted sheets are Prime steel coils ASTM A792M Yield strength 275N/mm2 min, coated with AZ150 ; a mix of aluminium and zinc. Coloured sheets use the aluzinc sheets as a base and are painted with Silicon Modified Polyester 25 microns including primer or painted with PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) paint.